Move To The Country

Move to the country, I did! 

I was once a city girl who moved north of the city and am glad I did.  There are some amazing communities north of Toronto that have all of the amenities, facilities, employment, and social recreational activities you need and you feel as a member of a real community.  There are many reasons to make the move and from experience I assure you that you will not regret it.

Five Reasons To Consider The Move

#1 Reduce or eliminate mortgage debt

With the ever increasing property and house values in the Greater Toronto Area and the expected continued raising of interest rates now is a great time to realize the appreciation of your urban real estate.  The price for a comparable home north of the city is much less which would allow you to reduce or completely eliminate your mortgage debt.   The overall cost of living in the country is also significantly less than in Toronto giving you the further benefit of a reduction in your annual living expenses. 

#2 Increase house and land size

The same dollar spent on real estate in the city will allow you to purchase a significantly larger home and property that best suits the needs of your family.  Whether you're interested in country estates, classic remodeled century homes, or new build subdivisions, north of the city has what you're looking for at a much better value for your hard earned money.

#3 Improve quality of living

Reducing financial and living space stress can have a significant improvement on the quality of your family life.  The mindset and attitude of country residents is much more relaxed with a stronger focus on family and community.  A lower crime rate, cost of living and convenient access to services and amenities all help to give you peace of mind and better way of life.

#4 Reduce stress by connecting with nature

Exposure to to clean air, beautiful vistas, no traffic congestion and convenient access to many different outdoor activities lends itself to our deep rooted connection with nature and is especially beneficial for raising your family.  Country communities are much more active and engaged in nature which is a great reliever of physical and mental stress.

#5 Live in a small town community setting

One thing in common in the many small towns in Southwestern Ontario is that they are centered around their community and their support for each other.  You might be at first surprised to be greeted by strangers on the main street or in the local grocery store but it will quickly become your new normal.

Communities North of Toronto

I specialize in finding buyers homes in the communities of Adjala-TosorontioBradford West GwillimburyInnisfilKing and New Tecumseth all of which are conveniently located along the highway 400 corridor and an easy commute to the city.

With my personal experience in transitioning from the city to the country let me help you find your amazing home north of Toronto.  If you are interested in hearing more please contact me or to learn more about my services see Buying a Home.

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